How will found the G-spot?


There is a lot of talk about women’s G-spot, and I am not so sure they exist at all. I have spoken to my friends here at Heathrow escorts, and most of them have a different idea where the G-spot is located, says Clara who has worked for Heathrow escorts for two years. It is kind of any interesting topic, and we only started to talk about after a PhD student asked us. It seemed that we all had a different idea of where the G-spot is located, and some of the girls think the idea is oversubscribed. Are we making too much of the G-spot?


Tina also works for Heathrow escorts, and says that we all have different zones that turn us on. I am not so sure you can call them G-spots though, giggles Tina. Some girls like to have their feet rubbed, and they say that the G-spot exists there, but I don’t. Personally, I find that my right nipple is really sensitive, says Tina, but I would not call it my G-spot. It is a bit of a mystery, but I have to say that I became a bit more curious. Many of the other Heathrow escorts fromĀ who were in on the chat had totally different ideas, says Tina.


Viveka happened to drop in on the conversation as the girls where having coffee. She works for VIP Heathrow escorts but likes to stop by for a chat. I have sensitive knees, she says, and when I am close to have an orgasm,they tingle. All of the other Heathrow escorts look at her like she is mad. It is true, she giggles, and my boyfriend thinks it is funny as well. He has this girlfriend who shouts excitedly about her knees during sex, and at first he thought I was really weird.


Larna, from elite Heathrow escorts, says that she is not so sure if the G-spot exists at all. I liked being touched all over, and when a guy touches me in the right way, I enjoy it wherever he touches me. I am sure that most girls feel the same way, and I don’t understand why we are so hung up on the G-spot. Most Heathrow escorts know that when you touch certain parts of the body, it might feel sexier, but that doesn’t mean it is the G-spot, she laughs. Maybe we are going a bit overboard about the entire idea.


The G-spot has been a mystery for a long time, and it is not only Heathrow escorts who have tried to solve the mystery. Women all over the world keep hearing about the mysterious G-spot and men keep hunting for them. Will we ever find it? The jury is rather out on that at the moment, and most sex counselors are not so sure of the G-spot existence. However, they are happy to say that we all have different sexual pleasures zones and perhaps we would be better about finding out about those instead of hunting for the G-spot.…

Help! I cannot control my shoe collection!

The other day when I opened my wardrobe, I did realise that my shoe collection had ended up a little bit out of control. I just have too many shoes but I don’t know how to stop buying them. It just seemed that my entire wardrobe was full of shoes and I had to sit down and go through them all. Some of them, I could not even remember buying and I am sure that I have not worn them. It is handy to have nice shoes for London escorts, but I don’t think that I need that many pairs.

In the end, I managed to go through all of my shoes and I counted 120 pairs. I am not sure how much money I have spent buying all of these shoes but it is a lot of money. Okay, all of us girls at London escorts do make good money, but if I found all of the receipts for my shoes, I am pretty sure that it would scare me. In the future, I think that I may have to control my spending on shoes a little bit.

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Not only did I go through my entire shoe collection, but I photographed it as well. In that way, I thought that I would be able to sit down and go through my shoes on my lap top. If I come across a pair of shoes that I don’t really want, I will be able to sell them. In the meantime, I have been out to buy a couple of she racks and I have put my shoes on them. It will make sure that they don’t get damaged at all.

Do I have a favorite designer when it comes to shoes? No, I don’t any I have to say that I am a complete impulse buyer. When I see a pair of shoes that I think will work at London escorts, or that I really like, I just buy them. The problem comes when I get home. Many of my shoes just end up being out in the wardrobe and I then forget about them. Clearly, like my London escorts girlfriends say, I buy more shoes than I need to buy. Most women are probably guilty of that, but it cannot be helped.

I know that the problems started when I was pretty young. My mom was really into shoes, and like all other little girls, I used to try on her shoes a lot. It think it was around this time I got really hooked on shoes and did not want to give the interest up. My mum always bought me pretty shoes and as soon I started to earn good money at London escorts, I did start to buy a lot of shoes. Now that I have too much, I am going to have to sell some of off. Perhaps I would be better of selling the shoes that have not come out of their boxes or had their labels removed. They should hopefully bring me more money.…

Me- An oral Virgin

I have never given oral sex before I went to a Swinger’s party with a friend of mine from London escorts. It was a bit of an experience I have to admit to that, but I rather enjoyed it. Well, Swinger’s parties and stuff like that are pretty new to me but that does not mean that I don’t enjoy them. My friend Sue from London escorts has been telling me how to make the most of them, and since then, I have started to get a real kick out of them. I am not a fully fletched solo Swinger yet, but I am getting there step by step.

Before I started to go to Swinger’s parties, I cannot really say that I was that sexually liberated. Sex has always fascinated and it was an avenue of my life that I had always wanted to explore. Sue, my friend from London escorts, suggested that I try attending Swinger’s parties and since then I have never looked back. To be honest, this is really an excellent way of exploring your sexuality and I will continue to make the most of it. Would I join London escorts? I am not so sure about that.

Sue has been working for charlotte London escorts for about two years now. When she first told me that she was working for London escorts, I was a bit surprised but I got used to the idea. Ever since she left school, you can say that she has enjoyed a bit of career in the adult entertainment industry here in London. In many ways I think that moving out to work for charlotte London escorts was just a natural career progression for her. It is not for me at this moment in time, but you never know what will happen in the future.

I think that exploring your sexuality is a good thing. The parties have taught me so much. I was not really into using sex toys or anything like that before, but I am now really hooked. Sue says that more people should use them, and she is always telling the gents that she dates at charlotte London escorts, to check them out with their partner. Introducing new pleasures in your life is not always easy. I know that Sue is very good with her gents at London escorts and she counsels them to introduce their partners to new pleasure open in slow measure as she calls. Of course, we all like to make our sex lives more exciting.

Sex should be one of the pleasures in life, but for many people it is one of the burdens. Until I started to explore my own sexuality, I did find that I thought that sex was a bit of a burden. Now I have a couple of partners and I have really started to enjoy it. I would not say that I am kinky. More than anything I would call myself a little bit adventurous and I am looking forward to any new pleasures that my sex partners can introduce me to. I rather have a sexy partner than a boyfriend at this stage of my life. It is just so much fun to play without any emotional commitment.…

The Salesman & Alina: A Steamy Affair

Life gets very lonely for a salesman who works long hours and has no family at all. His lifestyle left no time to meet new friends, especially women to get close to or ask out. Because he may have an evening free for dinner once in a month, or not. Typically, he was up before the sun and not home until way after it set, grabbing a bite to eat with a client or between appointments, then falling into bed in the wee hours of the morning.

One night the loneliness was heavier than normal for him, he was browsing around online and met a very pretty, sweet lady named Alina. They chatted a bit and he found that she was not far from him. After they had hit it off and messaged a short time, he asked what she did for a living. She told him that she is an escort, who enjoys men like him who need companionship. That she understands how lonely it can be working long hours and having no one to come home to. The salesman was intrigued, he had not thought about hiring an escort to spend time with; to have dinner and enjoy her company, someone to talk to no matter what his schedule was. So, he asked to meet her that week.

They met for a late dinner the first night. He was not expecting any more than just dinner, and company, even knowing that it could end with more. He was really seeking more of a real girlfriend experience, like getting to know Alina and being able to have someone to talk to. It was an amazing evening. He very much enjoyed himself. It was so nice to have someone to be intimate with, even just over dinner. He was not yet sure about going further, but he was intrigued and wanted to see her again.

The salesman found that he was greatly looking forward to his next date with Alina. Work seemed more tolerable and he was in a much better mood, he even broke his sales records the week following their first date. The second date was less formal, but even more fun and relaxing than the first. The end of this evening he pursued some sexual goodnight fun.

This date night became a weekly thing for the salesman and Alina, he was having so much fun in her company. After the third dinner date, he did take her back home for more private fun. WOW! Now he had something outside of work that lifted his spirits, allowed him to have someone to have real conversations with and mind-blowing sex as well. They both enjoyed their time together very much. And it became a weekly date night.

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